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We delve deep into financial intricacies, ensuring our clients are not only protected but poised for sustainable growth. Revelatus is more than a consultancy; it's your partner in navigating financial landscapes with confidence and achieving outstanding outcomes.

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Revelatus Advisory & Consulting, LLC stands as a beacon in the realms of forensic accounting, fraud examination, and financial crime prevention. Founded by Dr. Tonisha Pinckney, a luminary with a rich tapestry of expertise in leadership, ethics, risk, and compliance, we are more than just a consulting firm. We are champions of integrity, excellence, and justice. Our team is dedicated to delivering unparalleled professionalism, transparent dealings, and fair outcomes. From businesses navigating financial landscapes to individuals seeking justice, our commitment is unwavering: to guide, protect, and elevate your financial journey. Choose Revelatus, where your success is crafted on principles that matter.

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