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"What is Forensic Accounting?"

Forensic Accounting is the application of accounting expertise to investigate financial discrepancies and fraud. It combines accounting skills, investigative skills, and an understanding of business operations, often used in litigation support and financial investigations.

FAQs - Forensic Accounting Services

Who Can Benefit From Forensic Accounting Services?

Individuals, corporations, legal professionals, and government
agencies can benefit from our forensic accounting services. Our expertise is
particularly valuable in cases involving fraud examination, risk assessment,
financial litigation, and regulatory affairs.

Why Choose Revelatus Advisory & Consulting, LLC for Forensic Accounting?

Revelatus Advisory & Consulting, led by Dr. Tonisha
Pinckney, brings a wealth of experience and proven excellence in forensic
accounting, financial litigation, and fraud examination. Our team is adept in
financial forensic analysis and organizational risk management, ensuring you
get top-tier service.

What Is the Process Like?

Initial Consultation: We begin by assessing your specific needs and risks. Data Collection: Gathering all necessary financial documents, digital records, etc. Analysis: Employing analytical tools and techniques to identify irregularities or fraudulent activities. Reporting: Comprehensive reports that can be used for litigation support or executive decision-making. Review & Recommendations: Offering insights for preventive measures and future risk management.

How Can Forensic Accounting Help in Fraud Prevention?

Our expertise in fraud examination allows us to identify red
flags and vulnerabilities within your financial operations. By identifying
these weak spots, we can suggest effective countermeasures to prevent fraud.

Is Forensic Accounting Useful for Small Businesses?

Absolutely. Small businesses are often more susceptible to
fraud due to limited resources. Forensic accounting can provide critical
insights into the financial health of a small business and suggest measures for

What Are Your Rates?

Our rates are competitive and reflective of the high level
of expertise and personalized service you'll receive. For specific pricing,
please contact us directly for a customized quote.

How Can I Get Started?

To get started, reach out to us at [Contact Information]. We
look forward to assisting you in all your forensic accounting needs.

When Should I Hire a Forensic Accountant?

The best time to hire a forensic accountant varies depending
on your specific needs and circumstances. Whether it's suspected fraud, divorce
proceedings, or estate management, engaging our services sooner rather than
later can be highly advantageous.

Can Forensic Accounting Assist in Divorce Cases?

Yes, forensic accounting can be invaluable in divorce
proceedings. Our services can help identify and value marital assets, track
income, and investigate any financial irregularities or hidden assets.

How Is Forensic Accounting Applied in Criminal Cases?

Forensic accounting plays a vital role in criminal
investigations involving financial fraud, embezzlement, or money laundering. We
work closely with law enforcement agencies to collect evidence, trace funds,
and provide a financial analysis that can withstand legal scrutiny.

Do I Need an Attorney to Engage Forensic Accounting Services?

While it's not a requirement to have an attorney, it's often
beneficial to involve legal counsel in complex cases. An attorney can help
interpret the findings of a forensic audit and decide the best course of
action, be it litigation or negotiation.

How Can Forensic Accounting Assist in Business Partnership Dissolution?

Forensic accounting can provide an unbiased view of the
financial realities within a business partnership. We analyze financial
statements, business valuation, and other assets to help ensure a fair

Can Forensic Accounting Help in Managing Estates?

Absolutely. Whether you're an executor or a beneficiary,
forensic accounting can offer crucial insights into the valuation of estate
assets and liabilities.

What Do I Need to Get Started with Forensic Accounting Services?

To get started, you'll need to provide various financial
records depending on the scope of the engagement. This can range from bank
statements and tax returns to business contracts and digital financial data.

What Is a Forensic Accountant?

A forensic accountant is a financial expert skilled in
conducting investigations into irregularities, discrepancies, or suspected
fraud within financial records. The role involves more than just crunching
numbers; it's about understanding the entire financial landscape of a

How Can Forensic Accounting Benefit the Sports Industry?

In the sports industry, large sums of money circulate
through sponsorships, ticket sales, and merchandising. Forensic accounting can
identify any financial irregularities, evaluate contracts, and ensure
compliance with regulatory bodies.

What Services Do You Offer for the Entertainment and Fashion Industries?

Our forensic accounting services extend to the entertainment
and fashion industries, where we evaluate contracts, royalties, and
intellectual property rights, and identify any suspicious activities or
inconsistencies in financial statements.


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Mom and Pop shop Fraud

Shielding the Family Legacy: Strategies to Combat Fraud in Family-Owned Businesses

November 08, 20233 min read


Family businesses are the backbone of our communities, built on hard work. In the heart of the economy, family-owned businesses stand proud, symbolizing not just financial endeavors but a shared dream of generations. Despite their critical role, they're not impervious to the scourges of deceit and fraud. It's been reported that family businesses are particularly susceptible, with some studies indicating that they may account for more than 30% of all fraud cases. It's crucial to have a plan to keep your business safe - even from those with whom you have shared DNA and a trusting bond.

Here's a roadmap to fortify these enterprises against such threats.

Fraud in Family Owned Business Conference Room

The Many Guises of Fraud

From subtle misappropriations to gross financial misreporting, fraud can manifest in numerous ways. These incidents not only result in direct financial loss but can also lead to long-term reputational damage, which is particularly devastating for family-owned entities where the business image is intimately tied to the family name.

Balancing Familiar Trust with Professional Vigilance

Trust, But Verify: Trust is a cornerstone of family businesses, but an overreliance on trust can be costly. It's crucial to balance familial bonds with a systematic approach to oversight.

Formality in Family Affairs: While informal business practices are common in family enterprises, they can lay the groundwork for fraudulent activities. Embracing formality in business processes can help mitigate this risk.

Ensuring Accountability: Accountability can sometimes fall by the wayside in close-knit family operations, yet it's essential for safeguarding the business’s assets.

Proactive Defense Measures

Proactive measures are a key to fraud prevention:

  • Building a Strong Framework: Clear, documented policies and procedures provide a solid foundation for ethical business conduct.

  • Distributing Financial Control: Shared financial responsibilities reduce the risk of fraud. This is particularly important given that the Global Fraud Study by the ACFE found that businesses with less than 100 employees, which includes many family businesses, suffered the same median loss as larger companies due to occupational fraud.

  • Commitment to Regular Oversight: Ongoing audits and reviews are not just good practice—they are critical for early detection of fraudulent activity.

  • Fostering Financial Clarity: Open dialogue about the state of financial affairs builds a culture of transparency that makes it harder for fraud to take root.

  • Empowering Through Awareness: Educating family members and staff on the signs of fraud and how to report it is a strong deterrent.

Strengthening Your Business Against Fraud

mom and pop store fraud

For family-owned businesses, staying ahead of fraud isn't just about prevention; it's also about being equipped to detect and understand the risks. Revelatus Advisory & Consulting, LLC, excels in crafting personalized anti-fraud strategies that encompass both robust prevention and sharp detection. Our expertise in forensic accounting and fraud examination positions us to conduct thorough Fraud Risk Assessments, ensuring that every potential vulnerability is identified and addressed.

We don't stop at risk assessment; we also empower your business with the tools and knowledge to detect fraud early. By implementing cutting-edge detection techniques and establishing continuous monitoring protocols, we help you keep a vigilant eye on the pulse of your business operations.

By partnering with us, you'll gain the advantage of a comprehensive fraud management program that includes:

  • Fraud Risk Assessments: Comprehensive evaluations to identify and mitigate potential exposure to fraud.

  • Fraud Detection Systems: State-of-the-art solutions tailored to the unique needs of your business that can alert you to signs of fraud in real-time.

  • Continuous Monitoring: Implementation of systems that review your business transactions and patterns continuously for anomalies.

  • Response Planning: Development of a swift and effective action plan to address any detected fraudulent activities.

With Revelatus Advisory & Consulting, LLC, safeguarding your business goes beyond the foundational practices. We ensure that your legacy is not only protected against the threats of today but is also resilient to the challenges of tomorrow.

Let's work together to construct a legacy that is as secure as it is successful, with a foundation that deters fraud and a structure that detects and responds to it with precision.

For a partnership that extends beyond traditional consulting and into the realm of proactive financial protection, reach out to us at or CONTACT US.

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